My speech 2017

Phobias, everyone has them. They are much more common than you would think. During this speech i’m going to explain 10 different examples of phobias ranging from the phobia Acrophobia (the fear of heights) to Anatidaephobia (the fear of being watched by a duck).

Have you ever heard of Somniphobia, hylophobia, Omphalophobia, Nomophobia, Ombro Phobia, Coulrophobia, Arithmophobia, Selenophobia, Genuphobia or Scriptophobia if not, then you’re about to!

Somniphobia, Somniphobia means fear of falling asleep. The word somini is Latin (meaning sleep) and phobia is Greek (meaning fear). Somniphobia is also related to Hypnophobia.

Hypnophobia, Hypnophobic is a fear of sleep or being hypnotized. Hypnophobic also makes you repeat nightmares or anxiety.  

Omphalophobia, People that suffer from Omphalophobia are terrified of belly buttons- their own or, in some cases, other people's.

Nomophobia, Nomophobia means fear of being without your mobile phone or being unable to use your phone for some reason, such as the absence of a signal or running out of minutes or low battery power.

Ombro Phobia, Ombro Phobia means fear of rain .Sufferers who are severely ombrophobic may feel anxiety or have panic attacks often.

Coulrophobia, Coulrophobia means fear of clowns. Imagine your biggest fear spiders, snakes, creepy crawlies, birds and more...but in clown form!
It can be as simple as seeing a clown on a birthday card to seeing a clown in real life like at a circus that can trigger this particular fear.

Arithmophobia, Arithmophobia means fear of numbers.the word arithmo is Greek (meaning number). Some people may just fear certain numbers, for example the number thirteen.

People who suffer from Selenophobia have a fear of the moon, moonlight, or even darkness on a moonless night.full moons are believed to cause people to commit more crimes, including breaking into homes and burglaries.

Genuphobia, Genuphobia means fear of knees. Genu is latin meaning knee. People with Genuphobia get sick to the stomach, have excessive sweating, dry mouth, and anxiety when they are in a situation to do with knees or kneeling.

Scriptophobia, Scriptophobia  is an extreme fear of writing in public. It is really hard for people with Scriptophobia to sit exams or take on jobs because they can't go to meetings and take notes .
The phobias I just explained to you aren't hugely serious but for those who suffer from phobias, it can interfere with their day to day lives. There are many more serious issues in the world than fearing belly buttons.
I hope you learnt something new today and thank you for listening.


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